• India’s Rise Into The Private Jet Industry

    We don’t know too many people who don’t lose all hope when they get hit with the C-word. Kanika was diagnosed with cancer when she was 22, what’s amazing about her is not that she beat it, but that she did so in a year only with even more vigor to resume starting up JetSetGo, an online private jet concierge service.

    After launching in 2013, JetSetGo claims to have the largest private jet fleet in India. It’s all about increasing transparency of how to charter an aircraft for private use and also bringing back luxury and class to the flight experience. Kanika and JetSetGo shells out airport escorts, ground staff and trained cabin crew to make sure their clients feel oh so VIP.

    Most of the Kanika’s clientele has a net worth of at least 10 million dollars. A private jet for a birthday party start can be anything north of Rs 60,000 an hour to Rs 2.5 lakh per hour, depending on the aircraft.

    Another famous example is the seven course meal set for a romantic date aboard a jet. The ostrich eggs, crabmeat risotto, parma ham, pâté and the entire experience was for a cool Rs 5.5 lakh.

    Kanika and JetSetGo are jetsetters all the way. Their investors include Yuvraj Singh, Puneet Dalmia and advisors like one of Singapore’s richest, Karan Singh Thakral, executive director of the multi-billion dollar Thakral Group.

    The JetSetGo profile for Kanika says she, “A fighter all the way, she claims to have jet fuel running through her veins while breathing and eating planes.” Gareon Conley Jersey

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