We offer you an array of services that help you take your communications strategy and messaging to the next level. These include:

Conferences: We provide you with a platform that brings together industry experts, practitioners, specialists as well as users under one roof. This enables participants to share ideas, knowledge, experiences and best practices related to the industry and remain updated about the latest business and technology trends driving the market.

Round-Table Conference: Round Table Conferences focuses on burning issues of the industry—essentially a half-day program, that feature discussions and brainstorming between industry experts on specific subjects that are hot on your agenda.

Workshops: Our workshops provide your target audience with an intensive educational experience within a short span. We offer you certified courses that are self-contained, informal and participatory and encompass several examples and case studies. The workshops are designed for training lower, middle and senior level employees.

Exhibitions: Our Exhibitions provide you a plank for direct product demonstration and promotion and enable you to meet with industry veterans and consumers. They will help you showcase your offerings and reach out to the right people, at the right time.

Customized Events: We customize conferences, tuning them to your business preposition. We transform an area of interest into a fruitful discussion by impanelling a set of experts recommended by you and making it an effective tool for market analysis.

Special content: We provide daily, weekly newsletters, tender information and consultancy services to keep you abreast of market realities and gain a competitive edge.

As a part of our commitment to provide trade related information to member companies, to help them enhance their export to global markets, Diligentia Services has initiated Tenders and procurement service opportunities related to Oil & Gas, Aviation and Retail sectors. These opportunities are more than often open tenders, which allow any potential supplier to register interest in a tender opportunity.

Diligentia Services also provides daily newsletter service, wherein we provide daily news snippets and keep you updated with the latest sectorial developments.

In this section you will find our author’s written interesting write-ups on any stimulating news related to our focussed sectors.