IN- CRUX – Renewable Energy (May)


About the Report

The report titled “IN- CRUX – Renewable Energy” is a monthly magazine, which provides complete overview of the renewable energy sector. It gives the monthly updates on recent development in renewable energy segment. In this edition, we covered “Guidelines for Procurement of Wind Power through Bidding”. The objective of these Guidelines is to provide framework for procurement of wind power through transparent process of bidding including standardization of the process and defining of roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders. These Guidelines aim to enable the Distribution Licensees to procure wind power at competitive rates in a cost effective manner.

Presently, the wind power is being procured by the Distribution Utilities at Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) determined by the respective SERC. FiT coupled with various incentives being provided by the Central and State Government has enabled growth of the wind sector many folds since 2002. Country also has strong manufacturing base with annual capacity of around 10 GW. Introduction of competition in the sector is necessary to achieve cost reduction through increased efficiencies.

Major Section under this Monthly Report Section:

•Policy Document
•Regulatory Updates
•RE- News
•REC – Trading Data
•Projects Update
•Tenders Details

The Idea of this monthly report is to provide brief idea about the recent development in the renewable energy sector which includes the monthly regulatory updates, news, recent project updates and list of upcoming tenders.

Snapshot of REC trading result on IEX Platform

Who should purchase this report?

•Developers, consultants, executives whoever is interested in the Indian renewable energy sector
•Venture capital & Private equity firms exploring investments and other opportunities in this domain
•International firms keen on investing in the Indian RE sector can get a recent updates and details about the Indian renewable energy sector.

Why You Should Buy This Report?

•There is a lot of inaccurate and inauthentic information available on the internet, in newspapers and various other sources which can skew investor decision-making into renewable energy sector. In this report, the developers will gain access to highly accurate and reliable data
•The report provides the reader critical market intelligence on financing information of various renewable energy projects in India
•This report will help industry consultants and companies align their market-centric strategies

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