Handbook on REC Mechanism in India


About the Report

The report titled “Handbook on REC Mechanism in India” will provide the complete overview along with minute details of REC mechanism in India. As it was a major step in direction of the development of Renewable energy. It helps to promote the development of Renewable energy sources in states where the potential of the Renewable energy is very low in form of “REC” i.e. Renewable Energy Certificates.

In last 7 years, there are significant changes in the field of the renewable energy. The cost of installation of major renewable Energy installation has come down drastically. Which lead to competitive scenario in the field of the Renewable Energy.

Under this report we will discuss the various trends, parameters to discuss about the renewable energy certificates. Including the trends of development of RE sources, Trends of REC price in last 7 years, details of Inventory status of the REC.

We will also see the details of states promoting the renewable Energy through REC Mechanism. With overall RE–installation through REC mechanism. In this report, we can see the source wise RE installation. The overall idea of this report is to give the complete idea of REC-Mechanism along with its present status. It also includes the details of order released by CERC on the new REC price and other prices.

Some Key Points in this report:-
• REC Mechanism in India
• REC Inventory Status
• Trends of REC price
• Source Wise RE- Installation Details
• State Wise RE- Installation under REC Mechanism
• Key Points of CERC Report

Snapshot of REC trading result on IEX Platform

Who should purchase this Report?
• Developers, consultants, executives whoever is interested in the Indian renewable energy sector
• Venture capital & Private equity firms exploring investments and other opportunities in this domain
• International firms keen on investing in the Indian RE sector can get a recent updates and details about the
Indian renewable energy sector.
•Firms interested in the REC – Market in India.

Why You Should Buy this Report?
• There is a lot of inaccurate and inauthentic information available on the internet, in newspapers and various other sources which can skew investor decision-making into renewable energy sector. In this report, the developers will gain access to highly accurate and reliable data
•The report provides the reader critical market intelligence on financing information of various renewable energy projects in India
•This report will help industry consultants and companies align their market-centric strategies

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