• Why India needs low-cost airlines

    India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. A report published by IATA (International Air Transport Association) has thrown light on the immense potential of the growing Indian aviation sector.

    Indian aviation industry is likely to rule the roost by the end of 2026, by adding more than 300 million fliers into the fold, said the report.

    The surging popularity of the online travel portals will propel the market outreach of the low-cost carriers, a phenomenon supported by the fact finding done by a travel market research agency, which in its report published that more than 35% of Indians preferred to book online tickets in 2015. To mention that the numbers are expected to grow manifold in the years to come would be like stating the obvious in view of the priority that the populace lays on time consumption while selecting the mode of booking travel tickets.

    The report tabled by the marketing agency also said that the lower LLC prices have also created a proper climate of growth for the Indian aviation industry in the last few years.

    The airline sector is operating with more than 400 commercial flights, and the demand will spike, whereby the industry will need more than 1700 flights in the coming few years, believe the fence sitters. Joe Mixon Womens Jersey

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