• A new lesson in saving energy in Kerala

    The students of Government Mappila UP School, Ozhukur here are set to put in all efforts to reduce their domestic electricity consumption and the best part is the luckiest among them would get their power bill paid by the school.

    As per the new project ­ Vilakkanakkam ­inaugurated at the school two days ago, electricity bill of those students who have successfully saved energy will be paid by the school management. The initiative is supported by Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB).

    The beneficiaries will be selected through continuous monitoring of the households. A two-member committee has been formed for each class to document power bills and select eligible households every three months.

    Coordinator of the project, R K Das said the project aimed to make students aware of the importance of saving energy . “We have a strength of 1,500 stu dents and are hopeful that the project will effectively bring down power consumption in the region. We are already getting feedback from parents that their children are now vigilant about saving power,“ he said.

    The school has also organized a one-day workshop for students and parents on manufacturing of LED bulbs. The institution also has plans to start commercial production of LED bulbs and distribute them among students, with the support of energy management cell (EMC). Brian Robison Jersey

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