• A long ride to Kannur airport

    The laborious task of transporting the aerobridges for the Kannur International Airport being developed near Mattannur here in hydraulic axle trailers has turned out to be much slower than expected because of difficulties to negotiate curves and of other obstacles.

    The transportation of the components of the passenger boarding bridges for the airport under construction began at the Azhikkal port at around 11 p.m. on Saturday.

    Three hydraulic axle trailers started the trip with the components for installation from the port with a plan to reach Mele Chovva near here in the early hours.

    The night time was chosen for the transportation to avoid traffic problems the movement of the huge trailers might cause. The components of the aerobridge being transported to the airport site have a length of 66 feet and height of 17 feet.

    The components had reached the port on August 10. The scheduled transportation time was delayed because of the slow movement of the trailers. Griffin Reinhart Jersey

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