• Your Rajdhani ticket not confirmed, book on Air India

    Train passengers, who could not take their journey because of unconfirmed ticket, will now be able to fly Air India flights at the fare that will be similar to AC first class fares of trains.

    Air India Chairman and Managing Director Ashwani Lohani today said that the airline has entered into an agreement with IRCTC, which will sell those tickets.

    “Any passenger, who could not get a confirmed ticket, will be given option of booking in Air India flights over the next twenty four hours. The fares will be AC first fares for AC first class passengers and AC II passengers will be charged AC II fares plus Rs 1,500,” Lohani said.

    He added that the facility is, as of now, being launched for Rajdhani trains.
    According to Indian railways website, an AC I ticket on Mumbai Rajdhani would cost Rs 4,750 one way.

    A passenger booked in AC II of Rajdhani express will have to pay the fare – one-way fare for the AC II cabin cost Rs 2,865 – plus Rs 1,500 for the flight ticket on Air India.  Allen Robinson Authentic Jersey

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