• Worried about power theft, police opt for underground cables

    Big Brother may not be watching motorists all the time. Some of the CCTV cameras installed to monitor the traffic are defunct. And in other places, the power that keeps the cameras running is being stolen. A recent survey revealed that unidentified citizens are illegally tapping into the power lines connecting CCTV cameras installed at major junctions.

    There is only one way to stop this pilferage, say senior traffic police officers. “We have decided to go for underground connections with fibre optic cables for power and connectivity,” said Additional Commissioner of Police (traffic) R. Hitendra who headed the inspection team. Though pilferage was detected only at a few junctions, it is a matter of concern.

    According to him, Bescom has sanctioned supply for some CCTV cameras without a meter. The department pays a lump sum amount to Bescom every month. “However we have noticed that many illegal connections have been drawn from such power lines,” he said.

    In addition to this, around 25 cameras not functioning due to ongoing construction activities. “Because of this, the traffic department is unable to access the situation in these areas,” Mr. Hitendra added.

    Bengaluru has around 340 cameras installed at various junctions. By the end of this year, there are plans to add another 600 CCTV cameras. Tennessee Titans Jersey

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