• Will Jigajinagi help fulfil the demand for an airport in Vijayapura?

    Will the long pending airport project of the district get finally realised with MP Ramesh Jigajinagi joining the Modi Cabinet?

    This is the question lingering on people’s minds here after the MP of the district got elevated to the position of Minister of State in NDA government recently.

    Since the airport project comes under Civil Aviation Ministry of the Union government, locals expect that the Minister of the district serving in the Union government will use his authority to get the project implemented.

    It may be noted that Vijayapura, which is one of the prominent tourism districts of the State for having numerous world-famous monuments, needs an airport to boost its tourism that has still not been tapped fully.

    Considering this, the government in 2010 had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a private firm to develop the airport here. The government had granted 727 acres of land near Burnapur village for the project that had estimated to cost Rs. 100 crore. Jeff Petry Womens Jersey

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