• Union Government launches Indian Bridge Management System

    The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has launched the Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS). It was launched by Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari in New Delhi as a major step towards ensuring safety of bridges in the country. Key Facts IBMS is being developed to create an inventory of all bridges in country and rate structural condition of the bridges. The rating will help for their timely repair and carrying rehabilitation work based on the criticality of the structure. IBMS is the largest platform in the world owned by a single owner, with database that could exceed one lakh fifty thousand bridge structures. How it will work? Each bridge will be assigned a unique identification number or National Identity Number (NIN) based on the state, RTO zone or located on National Highway, State Highway. Bridge Location Number (BLN) will be also assigned to each bridge based on the precise location of the bridge in terms of latitude-longitude is collected through GPS. Thereafter, Bridge Classification Number (BCN) will be assigned to the bridge structure based on the different engineering characteristics. Each bridge will be assigned a Structural Rating Number (SRN) based on allocated numbers which will be used for structural rating of bridge structures on a scale of 0 to 9. The rating will take in consideration of each component of the bridge structure like integral and non-integral deck, substructure, superstructure, structural evaluation, bank and channel, deck geometry, waterway efficiency, vertical clearance, etc. In addition Socio-Economic Bridge Rating Number will be also assigned to the bridges. It will decide importance of bridge in relation to its contribution to daily socio-economic activity of the area in its vicinity. Based on this inventory of various numbers, IBMS will analyse data and identify bridges that need attention. Further physical inspection will be carried out to improve the operational availability of the structure, enhance its life and prioritize repair and rehabilitation work. Reggie Bush Womens Jersey

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