• Toll plaza crisis worsens after demonetisation

    Despite the mounting protest against the toll collection at Paliyekkara after demonetisation, the dormant attitude of the district administration has drawn criticism.
    Day by day, activists of various political parties have been intervening in the long queues there and forcibly opening the toll gates for free passage of vehicles which invited complaints from the toll company management.
    In a petition by the toll company against the Youth Congress activists and Puthukkad SI for opening the toll gates during peak traffic for free passage, the management had alleged more than Rs 2.75 lakh revenue loss during December 14 to 17.
    It also alleged that various political parties brought a revenue loss of over Rs 1.93 lakh to the company.
    “Long queues and subsequent protest by passengers have become a daily phenomenon here and yet no one took the initiative to solve the issue. Considering the peak season of tourists and Sabarimala pilgrimage, the district administration should have addressed the issue here,” said DCC vice-president Joseph Tajet, who collected information on the toll company’s complaint on revenue loss through Right to Information Act.
    He added that if the revenue loss calculated by the company gets the nod, then the 20-year agreement would be a huge loss to the common tax payer.
    The UDF had submitted a petition to the PWD minister, district collector, rural SP and human rights commission addressing various issues at the toll plaza, but so far the authorities have done little to resolve these issues. Thomas Vanek Authentic Jersey

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