• Still lacks connectivity to smaller cities, abroad

    The Coimbatore airport is still lagging behind some other airports in the two-tier cities in terms of passenger traffic, largely due to the lack of connectivity to smaller cities in the country and abroad. While the city has recorded a 22% rise in passenger traffic, higher than the 15% increase recorded by Trichy airport and 19.4% rise by Calicut airport, it has fallen way below Madurai airport which recorded an increase of 37.9% passenger traffic and Trivandrum, where passengers rose by 41.2%.
    In Coimbatore, travel agents said, its base of flyers has reached a saturation point over the past few years, while there was more room for passenger traffic growth among Madurai’s youngsters, businessmen and travellers. “Unlike Coimbatore, which is a more of a cosmopolitan city and enjoys better awareness levels, awareness regarding cheap fares offered by flights has caught up in Madurai only recently and hence the sudden rise in air traffic from the temple city,” said a former office-bearer of Travel Club, Madurai. Bobby Orr Jersey

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