• Sri Lanka to get UNDP support for project to generate energy from solid waste

    The United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) in Sri Lanka has entered into its first government co-financed project with the Kaduwela Municipal Council to generate bio gas energy by effectively managing the solid waste in the area.

    UNDP under the ‘Every Drop Matters’ project, provided technical support to Kaduwela Municipal Council (KMC) in 2015 to pilot the Solid Waste Management Project, reports the Colombo Page.

    According to the UNDP statement, during this phase, the innovative treatment technology, Janathakshan was tested together with a local partner and used to acclimatize to the locally designed bio gas technology for waste management.

    Currently the waste management unit in Kaduwela holds 1 MT of degradable solid waste per day and the gas produced by the system is supplied in to a 5 kW generator. The electricity generated by this unit is then used to supplement the electricity requirement of the Waste Collection Center by the Municipal Council.

    UNDP and the Kaduwela Municipal Council had signed a Rs. 20 million agreement that will increase this project to accommodate 10 MT of Solid Waste per day and the electricity generated by the Bio Gas Unit will finally contribute to the national grid.

    The agreement was signed by Country Director of UNDP in Sri Lanka, Jorn Sorensen and the Municipal Commissioner of the Kaduwela Municipal Council, Lekha Geethanjali Perera had signed this agreement.

    The standard of living will also improve of the communities living around the landfills at the same time serving as a model for Waste Management in other Municipal Council areas.

    “With a contribution of Rs. 9 million, UNDP, as the development arm of the UN working in Sri Lanka for five decades, is pleased to be working with the Kaduwela Municipal Council to provide technical assistance to address Waste Management challenges in Sri Lanka,” the UNDP said. Sergei Boikov Jersey

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