• Spot market power trade highest ever in July

    Spot market power trade in India rose 14 per cent in July to 3,581 million units, the highest ever in a month.

    Around 3,140 million units (MUs) were traded in June.

    On a daily average basis, close to 116 MUs were traded in July, a 10 per cent increase over 105 MUs traded in June, a statement from the India Energy Exchange said.

    The market saw average daily purchase bids of 5,360 MW and average daily sell bids of 9,061 MW. The average price in July was Rs 2.16 per unit, 7 per cent less from Rs 2.31 per unit in June.

    Increased hydel generation due to good monsoon and easing of inter-state transmission congestion were the key factors that led to price reduction, the statement said.

    Due to higher transmission and generation availability in southern states, the market price remained same for eight days.

    In the first half of July, there was very little transmission congestion across corridors. However, in the second half of the month, transmission congestion was witnessed in southern and northern regions. Brandon Marshall Womens Jersey

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