• Snag in MP plant, power dearer for Punjab

    A snag in the ultra-mega thermal power plant located at Sasan in Madhya Pradesh has forced Punjab to buy electricity at much higher rates from other sources to meet the shortfall. The Sasan thermal power project is situated near a coal pit head and is run by the Reliance Power Limited (Anil Ambani group).

    Four out of six thermal units in the power plant broke down which caused the shortfall in power supply in Punjab. The plant supplies power to seven procurer states including Punjab, which buys 15% of the total produce. The plant with a capacity of generating 3,722.4 megawatts (MW) of electricity is now producing much less power affecting Punjab in the paddy season.

    The electricity produced by the Sasan thermal plant is priced at Rs 1.58 per unit while in Punjab the private projects plants sell power at a much higher rate. Talwandi Sabo power plant prices its energy at Rs 7.26 per unit and the Rajpura thermal plant sells it at Rs 4.10 per unit.

    Sources said on August 16, the production of Sasan thermal plant fell to 824 MW registering a loss of 2,898.4 MW, which caused Punjab a loss of 10.4 million units. Average availability of power at Sasan was been recorded as 851 MW on August 17, 1,608 MW on August 18, 1,795 MW on August 19, 1,646 MW on August 20, 2,505 MW on August 21, and 2,756 MW on August 22. Joakim Nordstrom Jersey

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