• Shell joins the likes of AstraZeneca, to insource software projects to its own centres

    Global energy giant Shell has joined the likes of AstraZeneca, Lowe’s and Target to insource some of its software projects to its own centres and reduce the number of its vendors. During the launch of Shell’s first global information technology centre in Bengaluru, its chief information officer Jay Crotts said that they intend to first insource its project delivery capabilities to the Bengaluru centre which he expects to be the company’s largest IT delivery centre by the end of this year.

    “We do have significant number of outsourcing contracts and Shell is clearly on a path to insource our project delivery capabilities. Our concentration has been to bring it in-house to Shell and actually focus our delivery centre here in Bengaluru” said Shell’s chief information officer Jay Crotts.

    “We do in-house software development and we will continue and take advantage of the talent we have here to improve the processes. We will also bring in our IT cloud operations which will take us through middle of next year,” Crotts said. Shell also plans to reduce the number of vendors. “We do have a significant number of vendors but my focus is to get it to a fewer number and be much more focused in our delivery ,” Crotts said. Wipro currently counts Shell as one of its big customers Sterling Moore Authentic Jersey

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