• Saplings planted at Goa fuel pump to absorb harmful petroleum fumes

    Bamboo palm saplings which absorb benzene and other formaldehyde emitted from petroleum vapour have been planted at an Indian Oil petroleum pump in the heart of Panaji city.

    Three areca palm and two spider plant saplings were planted by North Goa district collector R Menaka. “These special breeds of plants contribute to an eco-friendly environment as they absorb benzene and other formaldehyde generated from petroleum vapours at pumps,” Siddhartha Swarup, chief divisional retail sales manager, Indian Oil, Goa, told TOI.

    The bamboo palm is popular in purifying air due to its tropical look and insect-repelling quality, Swarup said. “It packs a big punch when it comes to purifying the air. The bamboo palm can remove not only substances like benzene and formaldehyde but also chloroform, carbon monoxide and xylene,” he added.

    Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, Menanka also inaugurated a renovated toilet facility at the petrol pump in the vicinity of the Panaji Kadamba bus stand for both male and female customers visiting the pump. The toilet facility, as well as drinking water with a purifier and water cooler, is available at no cost to customers at the petrol pump.

    Menaka discouraged single-use plastic by distributing jute bags to customers at the petrol pump at the end of the programme.

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