• Power tariff to go up by 7percent in Gr Noida from next week

    Greater Noida/Noida: The Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL) — a private company that provides electricity in Greater Noida — has decided to increase tariff rates by up to 7% for domestic consumers and up to 8% for commercial and industrial categories from August 10. The decision was taken following an order by Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPERC) on August 1 to implement uniform tariff rates across Uttar Pradesh. However, there will be no retrospective charges.
    In Noida, which is already following the UPERC order of last year, there is no change in domestic tariff although a 6-7% increase is expected in the LMV 2 (low and medium voltage category used for commercial consumers) and in the industrial category when the relevant notification comes through, officials said.
    The UPERC tariff order of Monday is for financial year 2016-17 in which there is no increase in domestic and agricultural tariff rates. However, in the case of NPCL, since the domestic tariff rates of last year were not implemented, according to Sarnath Ganguly, general manager, NPCL (Operations), the company is implementing them from August 10 in order to comply with the UPERC order of August 1.
    “Last year, the tariff rates were lesser for the consumers of NPCL compared to the rest of UP including Noida,” Ganguly said. For example, while the tariff for Noida for domestic consumer was 4.40 for 0-150 units last year, the tariff for Greater Noida NPCL consumers was Rs 4.10 for 0-150 units (see box). Now from August 10, the uniform tariff of Rs 4.40 for 0-150 unit will be charged in Greater Noida as well. “The move is an effort to bring NPCL on par with other consumers of UPPCL as applicable across UP in terms of tariff rates,” Ganguly told TOI.
    Also, there will be no retrospective charges on new tariff, said Ganguly. The increased tariff ranging from Rs 4.40 to 6.20 per unit, is expected to affect nearly 60,000 consumers of Greater Noida and will be reflected in their September bills.
    Under the new tariff structure, NPCL has also increased the fixed charge on tariff which from Rs 80 per kWh to Rs 90 per kWh in the domestic category.
    In the commercial category, while the fixed charge earlier was at Rs 200 per kWh connection, it has now changed to Rs 225 for 2kWh connection, Rs 275 for 2kWh and 3kWh connections, and Rs 355 for connections above 5kWh.
    The change in fixed charge on tariff for small and medium industries by NPCL include Rs 245 for up to 4kWh connection, Rs 255 for 5kWh to 9kWh connections and Rs 275 for 10kWh and above connections.
    As for Noida, J K Gupta executive engineer, PVVNL (Distribution), said an increase of 6-7% in the LMV 2 and industrial categories is expected. “The notification for that is expected within a week,” Gupta said. DeVante Parker Jersey

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