• Power generation increased by 7.04 percent in 2 years: Piyush Goyal

    The Minister said that there is presently power surplus in the country and states can be provided as much power as they require.

    In another written reply, the Minister said more than 13.15 crore LED bulbs have been distributed by Energy Efficiency Services Ltd.( EESL) as on 18th July 2016 and approximately 8.0 crore by other suppliers.

    The Minister further stated that Ministry aims to replace 77 crore conventional incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs by March, 2019. EESL is playing an important role as a catalyst in replacing these bulbs, while several other suppliers are also engaged in the same.

    The Minister also mentioned that 1.2 crore domestic consumers have been targeted for distribution of LED bulbs by EESL in Gujarat and about 1.15 crore LED bulbs have been distributed by 19th July, 2016.

    In view of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s address to nation, on Independence Day, Government of India has decided to electrify remaining 18,452 unelectrified villages within 1000 days i.e. by 01st May, 2018.

    The project has been taken on mission mode and strategy for electrification consists of squeezing the implementation schedule to 12 months and alsodividing village electrification process in 12 Stage milestones with defined timelines for monitoring.

    9,134 villages have been electrified till date. Out of remaining 9,318 villages, 497 villages are uninhabitated.

    5,860 villages are to be electrified through grid, 2,645 villages to be electrified through off-grid where grid solutions are out of reach due to geographical barriers and 316 villages are to be electrified by State Govt .

    Total 1654 villages were electrified during April 2015 to 14th Aug 2015 and after taking initiative by Government of India for taking it on mission mode, 7,480 additional villages have been electrified from 15th August 2015 to 24th July, 2016.
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