• Power Dept served 15 day ultimatum to address Mokokchung power situation

    The Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem (MTLT) and the All Ward Union Mokokchung (AWUM) today came out strongly against the Nagaland Government and the Power Department regarding the continuous disruption of electricity supply in Mokokchung town and adjoining areas.

    A press note from the AWUM served a 15 day ultimatum to the Power Department to provide circuit breaker in the 33 KV and 11 KV feeders immediately. It demanded that Mokokchung town and its adjoining areas be provided a separate line from the power transmission station at Aolijen, Mokokchung. Further, it demanded that Mokokchung town and its adjoining areas be given unlimited power supply except during natural calamities.

    Despite frequent damages to the main transformer and disruption of power supply/load shedding in Mokokchung town and its adjoining areas, the AWUM said that “till date the public of Mokokchung Town silently, patiently, and with great enthusiasm has been paying the electricity bill regularly.”

    The AWUM informed it has learnt that “one of the main causes of such problem is that there is no circuit breaker in the main transformers, while the revenue collection from Mokokchung town and its adjoining areas is the highest in Nagaland in terms of revenue collection based on power unit consumed and ration of power consumed.”

    Stating that the issue of power disruption is a perennial issue, the AWUM cautioned that if any untoward incidents take place due to the department’s negligence, the AWUM will “neither co-operate nor negotiate if such situation arises.”

    “If this ultimatum is ignored and treated as the previous representations, the first action and the response of the AWUM will be reflected in the functioning of the UEMB as experienced by the department during 2012-2013 in befitting and well organized manner this time,” it further warned.

    Don’t play with the public: MTLT
    Meanwhile, the MTLT cautioned that the concerned department “must not play with the public.” It reminded that the MTLT had demanded in 2015 that necessary machineries/equipment be installed to ensure proper power supply to the people of Mokokchung. It stated that “nothing has been done till date. It is high time that the Department be in tune with the changing needs of time and adopt upgradation accordingly.”

    As per the NO.MES/W-20/ 2015-16/130 dated 21 November 2015, the MTLT revealed that the Sub-Divisional Officer, Electrical Sub-Division, Mokokchung, had submitted the complete requirements to the higher authority. According to the letter, a team of technicians from Crompton Greaves Ltd Calcutta under Mecavo Power Works Dimapur performed survey at the 33/11KV RESS Mokokchung on the November 21, 2015.

    The MTLT revealed that the 11KV Bus-Bar has been found completely damaged and needs repair. Besides, defective parts were identified at other feeders viz., 33KV Main Incoming, 11KV Bazar, 11KV Ongpangkong, 11KV Yongpang, 33KV Alichen, 33KV Incomer, 33KV Longnak, 33KV Impur and 33KV Longsa.

    The MTLT demanded that immediate repairs/replacements be taken up in the interest of the public.
    It also stood by its demand for a new/standby transformer since 2015, stating that Mokokchung consumers are paying bills regularly. “According to the sub-division office in Mokokchung, there is no maintenance fund. The public needs to know how the departmental money is utilised in this case,” it added.

    It noted that failure to perform prompt action in undertaking the repair works is an indication of governmental and departmental failure. Corey Linsley Womens Jersey

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