• Power department initiates checks on theft

    Noida power department has initiated an exercise to assess increased power theft in villages by way of keeping track of power units used per feeder in villages across Gautam Budh Nagar. All junior engineers and sub-divisional officers are instructed to book any lineman or junior staff found indulging in, or helping in such power theft.
    According to Mukul Singhal, superintending engineer, PVVNL the grey area in Gautam Budh Nagar amounts to increased power theft and line losses of up to 18-19%. Mostly these occur in rural areas or villages across Noida. “The power theft across Noida and G B Nagar currently amounts to 18% -19% which is a grey area for us.
    That’s because it usually occurs in villages across Noida or rural areas of G B Nagar where unauthorised connections are found where meters are fiddled with, or cable drawn directly from the main line occurs. And we get to know about this when AC, fridge and other electronic appliances are used in these area/homes, yet the bills do not account for, or reflect their usage,” Singhal told TOI.
    To check such power thefts, Singhal has directed all junior engineers (JEs) and sub-divisional officers (SDOs) to keep a tab on the power units fed into the feeder that supplies power to any village or rural area.
    “We have initiated the process of keeping a tab on power units fed per feeder per village/rural area and the number of units used or consumed further from that feeder by the consumer of the area. The balance derived will account for the power theft occurring in the area,” said Singhal, who adds that usually the lineman and junior staff of such areas are hand-in-glove in such thefts and will be dealt with strictly once identified.
    “I’ve given strict instructions to all SDOs to keep a check on all feeders installed per village and maintain a log of energy consumed. Any anomaly by either a lineman or a consumer will be dealt with strictly to the tune of even a legal action if found guilty of theft,” said Singhal. Tahir Whitehead Womens Jersey

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