• Power demand touches record level of 11,400 Megawatt in Madhya Pradesh

    Power distribution companies of Madhya Pradesh recorded all-time high power supply in December. The demand for power went above 11400 megawatt (MW), highest ever in the state’s history. Sources from power discoms say on December 23 the demand for power reached 11,421 MW, the highest recorded demand against which 21.92 crore units of power were supplied, the highest in the state so far.

    The increase in demand was attributed to agricultural sector for on-going Rabi season. The demand has not come below 11,000 MW since December 12, said official sources. When the power demand was at its peak, the Sasan Utra Mega Power Project and other individual power producers only contributed to around 2,126 MW, which makes up 20% of the demand, sources said.

    Of this, maximum power was obtained from the Sasan and individual power producers’ contribution was negligible. Around 3,000 MW was contributed by the state- owned thermal power stations and 3,100 MW was supplied by state’s share from central pool, sources added.

    Hydel projects have contributed around 1,400 MW and unconventional sources’ share accounts for 600 MW. This apart, the state also received 1200 MW power through power banking, said sources. Trey Hopkins Womens Jersey

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