• Petrol pump owners seek ‘one nation one rate’ for fuel

    Fuel pump owners in the country have demanded ‘one nation one rate’ for petroleum products in order to eliminate disparity in prevailing prices of petrol and diesel. “We are demanding ‘one nation one rate’ for fuel so that there should be no disparity in prices of petrol and diesel in the states. This step will help in controlling prices of this essential commodity,” All India Petroleum Dealers Association President Ajay Bansal said here today.

    He added that because of different VAT rates prevailing in states, there was a disparity in fuel prices, which vary between 60 paise and Rs 4 per litre in case of diesel and Rs 1 to Rs 7.50 per litre for petrol. Bansal said maximum tax on petrol is levied by Tamil Nadu state, which is about 35 per cent while Goa imposes lowest rate of tax on the commodity. In case of diesel, Haryana charges lowest tax while states like Rajasthan and West Bengal levy 20-24 per cent tax.

    “We want the prices of fuel which is an essential commodity should be same throughout the country and states should build consensus on the same,” he said. The association, which claims to be a national body representing more than 52,000 petrol pumps in the country has been holding meeting with chief ministers and state finance ministers to convince them to bring parity in retail price of petroleum products. Bansal said: “We also demand that petroleum products be brought under GST to ensure one nation one rate.” But, he said, states are unlikely to agree on the same.  Ronnie Lott Womens Jersey

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