• Organic food tops shopping list in most homes during monsoon

    The demand for organic food has shot up during the monsoon, as most are careful about hygiene during this season.

    When it comes to fresh produce, the organic market has become popular. Clean and fresh fruits, and hygienically packed vegetables and even spices and lentils are the biggest draws. The sales boom for this market confirms the rise in demand.

    While Navi Mumbai does have its share of consumers looking for organic products, there are not enough stores to meet the demand. An online grocery portal based in Koparkhairane has been flooded with orders. “Since our produce is more hygienically sorted and packed, customers prefer to buy online,” said a sales attendant.

    At most markets, the organic sections are separated and, of course, a tad more expensive. “I don’t mind paying a bit more if the veggies are cleanly grown and packed,” said Malini Deshmukh, a resident of Vashi.

    There are a number of producers who sell organic products at malls, and apart from the season’s best they also sell an assortment of herbs, salad greens and exotic vegetables.

    “We cater to a different section, they expect quality and they know it will be higher priced,” said an attendant. Here apart from fresh organic produce, one can also buy packed dried spices, whole and powdered, grains, lentils and cooking oils.

    Often consumers avoid products from the market because of hygiene issues. “Much of it is wet when it arrives. We have a hard time keeping them dry,” said Shiram Jaiswal, a vendor from Sanpada. Bobby Massie Authentic Jersey

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