• Operation of four fuel dispensers stopped

    The legal metrology department has stopped operation of four fuel dispensers erected in four different petrol pumps in Kalamassery and Irumpanam. The department initiated action on Tuesday after finding irregularities in the volume of petrol supplied through these dispensers corresponding to the price. “It was found during the inspection that the volume of petrol supplied was less by an average 35ml corresponding to the price entered. This is a violation according to the legal metrology act, 2009. But not everyone might be intentionally manipulating the dispenser, sometimes technical issues might be the reason,” said R Ram Mohan, deputy controller of legal metrology, central zone, Ernakulam, who led the inspection.

    “The dispensers can be used in the petrol pumps once the irregularities are resolved and verified by the department officials,” he said. The inspection covered 52 petrol pumps in the central zone, which includes districts of Palakkad, Idukki and Thrissur apart from Ernakulam. “The petroleum dealers should renew the licenses of the fuel dispensers every year. However, the department conducts routine inspections so as to prevent any sort of irregularities,” Mohan said. Officials from legal metrology had conducted similar inspections few months back but did not find any irregularities then.

    Petrol pumps that did not exhibit the certificate issued by the legal metrology department were warned. “The certificate verifies that the dispenser machines in the petrol pumps are verified and found fully functional as per the guidelines of legal metrology Act. It is mandatory that every petrol pump should exhibit the certificate publicly. This is the right of customers,” he said. Manipulations in the volume of lubricants sold in the petrol pumps were also found by the department on Tuesday. “The glass tubes and containers used for measuring the volume of oil should also carry the certificate of the legal metrology department. Warnings were issued to the pumps that did not adhere to this guideline,” he said.
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