• Once duped online, it is not possible to retrieve amount

    Modernisation in banking sector and widespread use of debit and credit cards and online transactions has also led to rise in financial frauds.

    Sources revealed that the use of technology by large number of people has given opportunities to criminals who use the loopholes and cheat the gullible customers.

    “Customers mainly holding debit and credit cards are losing lakhs of rupees because they share important information with the frauds over phone,” said a source.

    A bank official said hackers or gangs of criminals are involved in duping customers by calling them over the phone while disguising as bank officials to know their card details and PIN. “They extract the card details to use for online shopping, tickets and bill payments,” he said.

    Most of the time the con men mislead the customers by telling that their card is being blocked or would get expired or else has expired and some customers reveal the card number, CVV code, PIN. “Most importantly, even police fail to nab people involved in the fraud. Once the amount is debited from the account, it can’t be retrieved even by the bank,” said a bank official.

    “Either they extract the OTP or PIN from the customer. In case they get to know the PIN, OTP is not required. Most of the victims are villagers,” he added.

    He said the only help the bank can do is to provide the details of the vendor where the money was either transferred online or the purchase was made as the POS (point of sale) reflects in the bank account statements.

    “The connivance of these con men with the vendors where cards are manufactured or with the call centres where banking data is available, could not be denied,” revealed a senior manager of Punjab National Bank. He said all these facilities are nowadays outsourced. “We have cases when the con man has directly told the card serial number to customers resulting in winning their confidence,” he added.

    An assistant general manager level officer of the State Bank of India said the state government should introduce financial literacy at the school level. “At present, 75% of the bank transactions in the country are being done online,” he said and added that account holders lack awareness about dealing with the frauds.

    He said the extent to the online fraud could be understood from the fact that an IG of the Bihar police and an officer of the Patna Municipal Corporation have also been their victims. Neither police could arrest the con man nor could they retrieve the duped amount of Rs24,898, a part of which was used to pay telephone bill in Mumbai.

    City SP (Central) Chandan Kushwaha said large number of such frauds are reported across the state every day but there are only two or three dedicated persons in the cyber cell of the state police to handle such cases. Matt Bartkowski Jersey

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