• NTPC snaps power to BSES discoms

    Aravali Power Company (APCPL) on Sunday night stopped the supply of 445MW power to BSES discoms Rajdhani and Yamuna over non-payment of dues of Rs 961.58 crore. The NTPC-run generation company had sent a notice to the distribution company last week, but BSES failed to make any payments by the stipulated time. APCPL in Jhajjar has been supplying power to the discoms since March 5, 2011.

    While BSES Rajdhani gets 372MW, Yamuna gets 73MW. BSES Rajdhani owes APCPL Rs 695.25 crore and Yamuna Rs 266.33 crore. The power supplier said that payments by the discoms had become irregular. “The matter was brought before the Supreme Court, which in its judgment dated March 26, 2014 directed the discoms to ensure payments of all energy bills from January 1, 2014. However, the dues have continued to accumulate,” NTPC said. tnn

    NTPC said that APCPL has to pay in advance to its fuel suppliers, which constitutes about 70-80% of its monthly energy bills. “Aravali power cannot meet its commitments, including payment to fuel suppliers, debt servicing requirements and salaries to its employees, if BSES doesn’t pay the dues. APCPL had no other option but to regulate power to the discoms,” it added.

    Meanwhile, BSES has assured that there would be no power cuts in their areas despite the regulation. “The power demand between September and March in BSES areas ranges from 2,600-3,000MW. We have a long term power arrangement of around 3800MW for this period, apart from power banking with other states. In case of unforeseen circumstances, we will buy power from the exchange at economical rates,” said a BSES official. Nathan Beaulieu Womens Jersey

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