• NPCIL plans to generate 13,000 MWe power by 2023

    The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, which generates 5,780 MWe power through its 21 nuclear power plants, has planned to step up production to 13,000 MWe by 2023, Chairman and Managing Director, NPCIL, S.K. Sharma, has said.

    Speaking to reporters at Kudankulam after the second 1,000-MWe VVER reactor of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project attained criticality on Sunday night, Mr. Sharma said the NPCIL, which had a humble beginning, operated 21 nuclear power plants across the country. The KKNPP’s second reactor, on attaining criticality, had become NPCIL’s 22nd reactor, which would add another 1,000 MWe on reaching maximum generation capacity.

    Four more reactors were under construction — Rajasthan Atomic Power Project reactors 7 and 8 and Kakrapar Atomic Power Project reactors 3 and 4 and the KKNPP 3 and 4 would be completed within next 75 months. Mr. Sharma said site excavation for reactors 3 and 4 of KKNPP had been completed and the NPCIL was scouting for contractors with excellent track record for the construction of Rs. 39,000 crore-worth reactors.

    “The ‘first pouring of concrete’ for these two reactors will happen in April 2017. While the construction of the 3rd reactor will be completed within 69 months from the ‘first pouring of concrete’, the fourth reactor may consume another six months to become operational,” he informed.

    Rs. 3,000 cr. revenue

    He said KKNPP’s first reactor had so far generated 1,006 crore units and ensured a revenue of over Rs. 3,000 crore. “While power from the first reactor is being sold at the rate of Rs. 4 per unit, it will be Rs. 6.30 per unit when the third and fourth reactors become operational,” Mr. Sharma said.

    Site Director, KKNPP, R.S. Sundar said the second reactor would reach 240 MWe stage before 30 days and the quantum of power generation would be increased in several stages during which mandatory tests would be conducted.

    “The second reactor will reach its maximum generation capacity in 90 days from now,” Mr. Sundar said. Mike Singletary Jersey

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