• Nitin Gadkari’s home state Maharashtra to get most road projects

    Maharashtra , the home state of Union highways minister Nitin Gadkari , will get the lion’s share of road projects this year, which will be executed by the road transport and highways ministry .

    According to an official order issued by the ministry on Friday, officials have been allowed to sanction projects with expenses up to Rs 20,000 crore for Maharashtra during this year. The total approved sanction ceiling for building highways for 2016-17 for all states is pegged at Rs 42,208 crore.

    These works don’t include projects that are undertaken by National Highways Authority of India.

    “The projects sanctioned this year will be executed in the next 2-3 years, and hence, the entire allocation will be released in installments. Maharashtra has got a good share since many stretches in the state have been declared as new national highways in the past two years,” said a ministry official. He added that the original demand from the state was Rs 40,000 crore investment, but it was reduced to half. Cole Cassels Womens Jersey

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