• NHPC wants to give BYPL’s share to two other discoms

    Trouble seems to be mounting for the BSES discoms. National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC) has petitioned Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) for reallocation of BSES Yamuna’s share of power (117.04MW) to the other discoms – BSES Rajdhani and Tata Power. If they do not take it, then DERC should declare this power as surplus.

    The matter was heard weeks ago. “The petitioner, NHPC, submitted that BYPL has not been paying its energy bills. The power purchase agreements have a condition that letter of credit (LC) of 105% of average monthly billing for the preceding 12 months should be provided by the beneficiary. The LC of BYPL was effective till March 31, 2014 after which it did not renew it,” said an official.

    While the issue was under deliberation in DERC, NHPC on June 22, 2016 proposed that the entire power from NHPC allocated to BYPL may be re-allocated to BRPL. “BYPL, citing financial hardship, allowed temporary reassignment of its allocated power from NHPC to BRPL till March 31, 2018,” said an official. In August, DERC decided that the entire 117.04MW of power will be temporarily reassigned to BRPL from July 13, 2016 till March 31, 2018. Tim Schaller Womens Jersey

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