• New set of guidelines for power infra upkeep

    Declaring February and March as months of preventive maintenance, power discom DHBVN has directed the staff to undertake a widespread maintenance work across Gurugram circle for the next one and a half month till the infrastructure is moped clean of impurities and prepped up before peak load in summers begin.
    Though timely and sporadic maintenance works is normal for the DHBVN but this time, sources said, the order has come directly from the head office in Hisar. The drive comes on the heels of criticism discom faced following a spate of outage instances in the recent time that plunged the city into bouts of darkness, reaping embarrassment for the discom for failing to check power cuts.
    Sources informed TOI that the discom has laid down proper guidelines on how to eliminate weed, replace conductors and inspect high and low tension lines etc.
    “To ensure uninterrupted supply to the consumers during summer and improve the quality of maintenance of infrastructure i.e 33kV substation, HT, LT lines and distribution transformers shall be carried out accordingly,” reads the order copy. “The activity will be carried out during February and March, since these months have been declared as months of preventive maintenance.”
    As part of the guidelines, all 33kV substations across Gurgaon will be thermo-scanned, de-weeded and inspected to improve their efficiency.
    “The maintenance work is likely to reduce power cuts by 75%,” said RK Batra, director (operations), DHBVN. Bryan Anger Womens Jersey

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