• Navi Mumbai airport an executive issue, says Raju

    Union Minister of Civil Aviation P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju on Tuesday reiterated the need for another airport in a city that is bursting, referring to Mumbai airports’ inability to fulfill airlines’ requests for slots.
    When asked about the the approval of Navi Mumbai airport by the State Cabinet, Mr. Raju said it is an executive issue. “Suppose you had an alternative like the Navi Mumbai airport; had a full-fledged, parallel runway, modern structure, then the city would be served better.”

    The minister said the infrastructure is being developed by some agency fixed by the State. “It is accountable to the State; we, in (the) government of India will do anything to help it happen. That’s what it’s going to be. The quicker we get it, the better.”

    Mr. Raju was in Mumbai for the inauguration of the Integrated Operational Office Complex Building, which will house the Airport Authority of India, Director General of Civil Aviation, and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. The 14,580 sqm. structure in Ville Parle (East) has been constructed at a cost of ?70 crore.
    A solar plant of 31.5 kWp capacity has been installed on the terrace of the building, with solar lights installed as periphery lights. Apart from housing LED lights and Lux sensors, the building is designed to have maximum natural lighting. Variable Air Volume, an air-conditioning system with an occupancy sensor, and Variable Refrigerant Volume for beyond office hour working have been installed for energy saving. Nellie Fox Authentic Jersey

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