• Mumbai’s search for a new terminal

    There is little doubt that Mumbai needs another airport — the one that serves it now just can’t handle the skyrocketing traffic growth.

    Consider this: By 2034, Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) will have traffic of 100 Million Passenger Per Annum (MPPA). As per forecasts, passenger traffic for MMR is set to cross 45 MPPA by fiscal 2018. Mumbai airport has already handled 42 million passengers in fiscal 2016. Considering airside constraints, Mumbai airport may not be able to handle peak traffic above 45 MPPA.

    The opinions, however, are divided as to where the new airport should come up.

    Should it be in Navi Mumbai, the first choice that has many things going against it, including some environmental concerns? Or should it be set up in Kalyan, the new favourite among the experts but not exactly next door? Both have their pluses and minuses and different groups rooting for them. But whatever the decision, it has to be made quickly as the existing airport in Mumbai is bursting at its seams. Joe Staley Authentic Jersey

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