• MSRDC plans office in Mahape to draw smart cities’ blueprint

    The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) will launch its town planning office in Mahape on April 16, to further its ambitious smart city project next to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

    R Mopalwar, vice-chairman and managing director of MSRDC, talked on the issue at Belapur on Tuesday evening. Mopalwar was speaking as the chief dignitary at a symposium organized by Youth Wing of Builders Association of Navi Mumbai (BANM) to discuss smart cities project of MSRDC, on the similar lines of Cidco’s Naina (Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area).

    Haresh Chheda of BANM told TOI, “City developers welcome the entry of MSRDC into this new and emerging scenario of making smart cities in Raigad, just like Cidco has been doing over the years. Mopalwar delivered a very factual and informative talk on how the smart cities along the Expressway will chart new territories in realty development.”

    As the 89-km long Expressway will be the nerve centre of these planned smart cities by MSRDC, its phase-1 will include 67 villages in Khalapur taluka and 17 in Panvel, but will exclude those under the announced Naina project of Cidco.

    An MSRDC official said that things are going to move fast in the weeks ahead, once their Navi Mumbai (town planning) office is set up where they can discuss and plan their blue prints for the smart cities. An expert consultant is also likely to be appointed by MSRDC in this endeavor.

    “This is indeed a golden opportunity for developers to participate in this mega future development of cities. We are also glad that MSRDC is forthcoming with their vision and are ready to listen about the actual ground realities and hurdles likely to crop up for such a big project. From the common man’s point of view, housing is also likely to become affordable,” added Chheda. 

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