• More ‘green’ roads across the country soon

    There will be more ‘green’ roads across the country with the help of a unique technology developed by Assam-based Bitchem company.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi had recently appreciated the cold mix technology by the firm during an innovation exhibit in Africa.

    “We are extremely delighted at the rare acknowledgment by the Prime Minister about the technology. This strengthens our resolve to keep propagating about this highly efficient and green technology and push through policy hurdles to scale up its acceptance.

    “We are committed to creating concept of green roads in the country and elsewhere,” company’s CEO Rajeev Agarwal said today.

    Cold mix technology is greener, safer and enables faster black-topping of roads. Cold mix is tailor made and can be used in all-weather conditions besides being more durable as it contains anti-stripping properties.

    The technology is also an impressive option to solve the problems of road connectivity in India, and especially in hilly states as various factors like heavy rainfall often delay the construction and maintenance of roads in such regions, Agarwal said.

    “Over the years, despite the stiff challenges, we have been able to use this technology to lay over 4,000 plus km in challenging conditions and remote rural areas. However, we feel we have many miles to go provided we are able to create an enabling environment and right policy framework,” he said.

    The biggest advantage of the cold mix technology is that on an average in cold mix precious fossil fuels — approximately 1,500 litres of diesel per kilometre — are saved and if over 1,000 km of roads are constructed in a year in each state, the benefits would be enormous.

    “If we consider 30,000 km annual road construction, cold mix can save the nation 45 million litres and 145.35 million kg carbon footprints,” he said. Zach Hyman Jersey

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