• MIDC, ONGC in talks over water treatment project

    ONGC and MIDC are in talks to set up a Rs 4-5 billion desalination plant at Uran that will yield 20 MLD water, ensuring self-sufficiency for the oil and gas major. Preliminary talks have already been held and a high-level MIDC team is scheduled to visit the plant site in the coming week to do a reconnaissance. MIDC is the principal supplier of 17 MLD treated water to ONGC for the oil refining and natural gas production processes at their Uran unit.

    However, ONGC took a severe hit last year in June when production process suffered due to erratic supply, said sources. The oil and gas giant is looking for regular supply, as shutting down plants due to erratic water supply affects the processing units. A day’s loss is pegged at several millions. This season, ONGC is getting around 13-14 MLD which is short of its requirement. MIDC has signed MoU with Singapore government for sharing technology on use of recycled water. This will help the state industrial development agency to join the open bidding process for the prestigious project, said MIDC sources.

    The desalination project will supply treated water through a costly reverse osmosis membrane treatment that only allows water to permeate and filters out all dissolved solids. High pressure is required for the process which yields fairly pure water. But a further disinfection treatment can also be done, if required, where the treated water is exposed to sun rays in open storage tanks for oxidation. Matt Bosher Jersey

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