• Ludhiana looms far behind when it comes to road infrastructure

    For a city that has been dubbed as the “Manchester of Punjab” for its thriving industry, Ludhiana is yet to hit the fast lane when it comes to road infrastructure. Most areas of the city continue to be at the receiving end of roads riddled with potholes.

    With monsoon at its peak, it is unlikely that commuting in the city is going to be a smooth ride for citizens in the near future. The worst-affected roads and areas include: Focal Point, Jaimal Road, Bhagwan Chowk, Pahwa Hospital Road, Gill Road, Basant Road, Pratap Chowk, and many others.

    Manoj Gupta, who resides in Model Town, said his office was in Focal Point and the roads there were the worst. “The potholes there are so deep that they damage cars. It takes twice the time to reach there only because of the condition of the roads. Repairs are a far cry. The MC has used sand to fill some of the potholes, but these only add to our woes when it rains,” he said.

    Atam Park resident Tarun Malhotra commutes daily to office using Gill Road. “Though Ludhiana is an industrial hub and is now touted to become a Smart City, roads have been neglected for long. Gill Road happens to be a busy industrial area, but the roads have made it difficult for the industrialists based there. Deliveries often get late because of the roads,” he said.

    Haibowal resident Jagdeep Malhotra said roads are basic infrastructure. “But it does not seem to be on the MC’s priority list. I am an avid cyclist, and it gets difficult to cycle on these roads,” he said.

    Model Town resident Daman Singh said he his car had once gotten damaged because of the poor condition of roads. “Only I had to pay for the damage to my car. Not the MC. The authorities need to fix responsibility when it comes to the condition of such roads,” he said.

    MC commissioner Ghanshyam Thori admitted to roads in Focal Point being in a bad condition and assured that roads would repaired after monsoon. “They will be in shape after monsoons, possibly around September 15. At Gill Road, work will be done after September 15,” he said. Matt Ryan Jersey

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