• Leaving on a private jet plane

    It’s the ultimate symbol of a successful life — travelling in your own private jet. Besides the flexibility it offers with regards to time, travelling in a business jet also comes with the luxury of flying to destinations otherwise unconnected by regular airlines.

    So it’s not surprising that everyone is keen to use them — top executives, film stars, sportspersons, celebrities. In India, the list is growing. Bhupesh Joshi, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Club One Air, says his company has signed up first generation entrepreneurs, new IT czars, real-estate tycoons and jewellery houses as clients for his business jets. And Club One Air is just one of the many business jet operators in the country. Estimates suggest that there are over 100 business jets and 150 helicopters operating in India.

    Jayant Nadkarni, President, Business Aircraft Operators Association (BAOA), best explains the difference between flying in regular airline and in a business jet: “Say that if an airline has an Airbus 320 or Boeing 737 aircraft, which is (akin) to a bus, imagine that business aviation is a taxi or a car (where) you hire the entire aircraft or you to fly in it on your own. A bus has select times but a taxi gives you complete flexibility.” BAOA was formed in March 2011 and it now has 81 members.

    Joshi of Club One Air says business jets offer the best choice of destinations. His company operates to almost 100 airports, while scheduled airlines link only 47 airports. “Earlier this segment was catering to luxury or personal requirements. But that is not the case any longer. Now we are flying to remote areas as there is no connectivity,” says Joshi. He points out that new industrial townships coming up in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand see executives using business jets. “This is purely because there is no connectivity. This growth is actually now supporting the need of the industry.” Deshazor Everett Authentic Jersey

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