• Lawmakers Eye Quota On Private Carriers, Airlines Say No

    At a time the aviation sector is struggling to cut down on losses, India’s lawmakers, who enjoy quota in railways and travel like maharajas in the loss-making Air India, are eyeing reservation in private carriers.

    The lawmakers say when parliament is in session, travelling by air is inconvenient, since seats are not always available. So on Monday, the committee on Salaries and Allowances — a standing committee that deals with privileges for lawmakers – met the representatives of airlines to explore the possibility of reserving seats on private carriers.

    “Some MPs had grievances that they couldn’t find seats when they travelled. So they asked if they could be reserved during the session,” said a lawmaker.

    But the airlines turned down the request, saying blocking of seats was not possible. Seats, they said, were “perishable commodities” and an empty seat would add to their loss.

    Some lawmakers had also wanted the use of the electronic buggies since the Delhi airport’s Terminal Three is a bit of a trek from the gates to the baggage pick-up area. Marcus Peters Jersey

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