• Jaipur to be first Light House City of South Asia

    Jaipur would be the first smart connected community Lighthouse City in South Asia. With the announcement, which came on Wednesday, Jaipur has joined the league of Cisco Lighthouse cities globally such as Hamburg (Germany), Barcelona (Spain) and Adelaide (Australia).

    Cisco Lighthouse City status credential is assigned to a list of selected cities all over the world. The Lighthouse City engagement would be enabled through a joint working group which would focus on deploying next generation technologies to impact citizens and society.

    Cisco is collaborating with the city of Jaipur on a number of key initiatives aimed at advancing Jaipur’s vision of becoming a global model and standard for sustainable urban development. The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has chosen to develop smart city infrastructures that would improve the efficiency and quality of services for its 3.5 million residents and over 40 million tourists who visit the city every year.

    Chief minister Vasundhara Raje said that this is the first step towards realising the vision of digital Rajasthan. She claimed Jaipur had been chosen because of rapid transformation and modernisations that the city authorities had undertaken over the last couple of years. “Citizen centric solutions, which are ahead of its times, were implemented in the last two years,” she said.

    The announcement would enable Jaipur to gain access to Cisco’s huge global network and channel program capabilities. The city would also benefit from the economic and social transformation which is set to occur with the initiation of next phase of the Digital India program in the country.

    Keeping in view the huge competition between cities for talent, business, investment and tourism, a growing role for technology is being envisaged to enable the development of communities that champion social, environmental and economic sustainability. A smart connected community is designed with technology at the center to improve the efficient management of city operators and the development and delivery of new services to citizens.

    In addition Cisco in collaboration with technology leaders such as Qualcomm technologies, General Electrical and 3M India Limited announced the launch of innovation center at Jaipur. The innovation center would be housed and operated by Genpact and help accelerate co-innovation of Internet of Everything (IOE) based solution.

    The innovation center would be hosted by JDA and team up with startups, developers, government agencies and academic communities who as the same goal of bringing innovative ideas to life and jointly accelerating development of IoE solution of global skill. Robert Woods Jersey

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