• Is AI operating defunct, snag-prone aircraft & risking passengers’ lives?

    Is Air India operating defunct and snag-prone aircraft for nation-wide flights and abroad as well and risking lives of passengers and crew? Well, if an email sent to Nagpur Today by a passenger is to be believed, then it is true.

    Malvika Vazalwar, in the email sent to Nagpur Today on Saturday (December 31), says that in March this year, she and her mother were on the Air India Nagpur-Mumbai (A320) flight. The flight had an emergency landing due to tyre burst. However, later, the Mumbai Mirror news reports revealed that the pilots had diagnosed old-age of aircraft as the cause of the emergency landing.

    “The Air India aircraft that was involved in the incident was manufactured in 1994 and is one of the oldest in this class of planes, which its pilots have in official correspondence often referred to as snag-prone and problematic,” the reports said.

    Malvika further says, passengers have the right to know about their safety. If the passengers had even inkling that the aircraft was not deemed fit according to official correspondence – they would not have boarded it. “We would have definitely not booked/ boarded the plane and taken another flight. We wouldn’t risk our lives for anything and definitely not for someone’s negligence,” she says.

    Malvika hoped 2017 is not snag-prone and is safe for passengers! Malcolm Brogdon Jersey

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