• India’s progress incomplete without infra expansion: PM Narendra Modi

    India’s progress is incompete without rapid expansion and upgradation of basic infrastructure, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today while underlining that his government’s efforts are characterised by speed and scale to usher in “an era of historic growth”.

    Modi, who chaired a meeting here yesterday to review the progress in core infrastructure sectors, said it was noted that there has been “phenomenal progress” in vital sectors such as renewable energy and railways.

    “On 22nd August 2016, I chaired a marathon meeting to review the progress in core infrastructure sectors. I have been holding such meetings very often because India’s progress is incomplete without the rapid expansion and upgradation of our basic infrastructure,” he said in a statement.

    “The development journey of India is special. Our sustained efforts are characterised by speed and scale, which can usher an era of historic growth,” he added.

    The Prime Minister underlined that the India story is also about resilience. “When the world economy is weakening and slowing down, India is a ray of hope,” he said.

    Contending that doing business is easier today than it was, Modi said, “Big level corruption and bottle necks are becoming history.”

    He noted that the country went through two drought years but agriculture production has not decreased.

    “Our endeavours to give our farmers an expansive market and more money for their produce continue,” he said.

    “I am certain that we will continue building on this progress and achieve our aim of transforming India,” he said. Jim McMahon Authentic Jersey

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