• India passenger growth number 6 times higher than the US

    The gap between air passenger growth in India and other countries widen further with the country registering a growth of 27.4% during the month of March, which is six times more than the second highest growth market, shows International Air Transport Association (IATA) data.

    The second highest growth in passenger number was recorded by the US, which grew by 4.1% during the month of March. However, US is the largest air passenger market in the world with number of fliers exceeds the total number of air passengers. In contrast, only 2% of the country’s population fly in India.

    The reason behind the growth of the Indian market has primarily been attributed to lower fuel prices, which has led to reduction in fares and rise in passenger number.

    IATA also credits increase in capacity by airlines in India as one of the reasons for the growth in number of flying passengers.

    “Growth in the India domestic market is being propelled by the comparatively strong economic backdrop as well as sizeable increases in services (average flight frequencies within India are scheduled to increase by 11.5% year-on-year in 2016). India’s annual domestic RPK growth rate has now been in double digits for nineteen consecutive months,” IATA said in its assessment. Joe Theismann Womens Jersey

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