• India must maximize solar power use for higher GDP growth rates: Expert

    “India can become a super power if its economy becomes stronger and its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) grows at 9.5%. For this to happen, use of solar power should be maximized as it would be one of the major contributors in future,” said GD Yadav, vice-chancellor of Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, on Thursday.

    Speaking at the second national workshop on ‘Solar energy utilization for sustainable development’, organized by National Environment Engineering Research Institute (Neeri), Yadav said, “Population and income are the key drivers behind growing demand for energy. As India is expected to overtake China’s population by 2040, efforts should be made to fulfil the demand for power through renewable and solar energy in future.”

    “In India, agricultural waste is burned by farmers, but it can be used as energy generator. Besides, biomass should be converted into bio-energy. New infrastructure should be built with facilities for storage and processing of enormous volumes of biomass and distribution of ethanol,” Yadav said. According to him, fossils will be mainly used for energy mix in 2050 and carbon dioxide can be used to convert it into hydro carbons for energy generation.

    In his keynote address on ‘Design and development of ultra-low permeable moisture barriers materials for solar cells’, Giridhar Madras, a professor at Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, said, “Glasses used in solar cells can be a liability for energy generation. Therefore, we have started a research project under which efforts will be made to design moisture barrier materials for organic device encapsulation.” These materials will make solar cells more efficient and increase their life as these will have moisture barrier properties and be user-friendly. USB copies of the books of abstract were also released at the function.

    Neeri director Rakesh Kumar, scientist Sadhana Rayulu and chairperson of research council Kasturi Dutta were present. Nitin Labhsetwar proposed a vote of thanks. Kai Forbath Jersey

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