• India may open talks on foreign flying rights

    India is likely to further open foreign flying entitlements with several countries, helping ease travel worries on some of the usually busy routes and start direct flights to Greece.

    Over the next two months, India will start negotiations on foreign flying rights with Nigeria, Dubai, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Cambodia to add more seats on the routes. Greece currently doesn’t have any such pact with India and the two sides are considering a deal for the first time. This is also the first time in two years that the government is negotiating foreign flying rights at such a large scale.

    “The plan is to negotiate agreements with all six nations. The increase will primarily be pegged on quota sought by Indian carriers,” said a senior aviation ministry official, who did not want to be named. Analysts said any increase in bilateral entitlements is good for consumers as it means more flights in the international sector, but they wanted the government to formulate an international strategy as well.

    Better connectivity will further improve India’s integration with the world economy. To start with, it will boost tourism, trade and the hospitality sector. And in the medium term and beyond, the policy move will step up investment, including Foreign Direct Investment, and better allocate funds for infrastructure.  Jean-Gabriel Pageau Authentic Jersey

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