• India Is The World’s Fastest-Growing Aviation Market – And This MBA Wants A Piece Of It

    The Indian aviation industry is taking off.

    In 2015, domestic traffic soared by more than 20% while international flights increased by over 7%, according to a KPMG study. By 2020, India will become the world’s third largest aviation market after the US and China. Its airports could carry as many as 370 million passengers per year.

    Atishay Jain is a high-flying MBA student at the George Washington University School of Business, determined to break into the world’s fastest growing aviation market. First, he wants experience working for a major commercial airline. Then, he wants to start his own.

    Prior to his MBA, Atishay worked for his family business exporting paper and in auditing at KPMG in Mumbai, before getting his first taste of the aviation industry in a business development role at Jet Airways’ frequent flier program JetPrivilege.

    Competition in his native Indian market is fierce and international airlines are getting involved. Jet Airways partnered with the UAE’s Etihad Airways to secure over 20% of the Indian aviation market and keep up with its big rival airlines, Air India and IndiGo.

    Yet Atishay is confident that an MBA in the US, is a one-way ticket to success. 

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