• India greenlights massive green hydrogen and electrolyser production projects

    India has taken a significant step in green energy by awarding tenders for 412,000 tonnes of green hydrogen production and 1.5 GW of electrolyser manufacturing, according to the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE).

    Speaking at the World Hydrogen Summit 2024 in the Netherlands, MNRE Secretary Bhupinder S Bhalla highlighted India’s progress under the Strategic Interventions for Green Hydrogen Transition (SIGHT) program. He emphasised India’s advantages as a green hydrogen producer, particularly due to its low-cost renewable energy sources.

    Launched last year, the National Green Hydrogen Mission aims to establish a robust electrolyser manufacturing base and green hydrogen production facilities. Under SIGHT’s Component 1, the MNRE has allocated ₹44.40 billion for electrolyser manufacturing from FY26 to FY30. Component 2 includes ₹130.50 billion for green hydrogen production during the same period. The total financial incentive under SIGHT is ₹174.90 billion.

    The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) will implement these projects, aiming to make India a global hub for green hydrogen production, usage, and export. The mission targets 5 million tonnes of annual green hydrogen production and 125 GW of associated renewable energy capacity, significantly reducing fossil fuel imports and CO2 emissions.

    By 2030, India expects to avert nearly 50 million tonnes of CO2 emissions and reduce ₹1000 billion in fossil fuel imports. In August 2023, the government set standards for green hydrogen production, ensuring it is derived from renewable energy with minimal carbon emissions.

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