• IGL to set up city gas distribution network in Rewari

    Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) has been authorized by Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) to lay City Gas Distribution (CGD) network in the geographical area of Rewari in Haryana, M Ravindran, Chairman, IGL said.

    Addressing the shareholders, Mr. Ravindran also gave an overview of future plans of the organization involving consolidation of its presence in existing areas as well as expansion in new geographies in view of the focus of the government to move the country towards a gas based economy.

    Referring to various initiatives taken by the government recently like developing national gas grid to cover all corners of the country and promotional campaign being undertaken to communicate benefits of natural gas, he said that IGL is fully geared up to seize the emerging opportunities in the CGD sector.

    Highlighting the initiatives undertaken by IGL to promote the usage of clean fuels due to increasing environmental concerns, Mr Ravindran shared information about the first of its kind pilot project in the country to run two wheelers on CNG being undertaken by the company. Speaking about augmentation of CNG infrastructure undertaken by IGL wherein 16 new CNG stations had been made operational in 2015-16 and work had also started on another 78 CNG stations, which were subsequently made operational in the first quarter of 2016-17.

    He added that this had resulted in IGL recording highest ever sale of 29.5 lakh per day last month, which is the highest for any CGD company on a single day. Referring to addition of 75,000 new domestic PNG customers by IGL in 2015-16, Mr Ravindran gave an overview of the marketing activities being undertaken by IGL to give boost to PNG segment. He added that IGL has been making conscious efforts to enhance customer experience by upgrading its services while leveraging technologies to its advantage.

    He informed that IGL has implemented Business Communication Management application to facilitate customers with optimized and improved call center operations over IVR to enable users to track, consolidate and respond in timely manner to customer complaints received through multiple channels. Joel Ward Womens Jersey

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