• Gujarat gas price cut comes as a major relief for industrial units

    In a major relief to scores of industrial units in Gujarat that use natural gas as fuel, the state government on Monday announced a relief of Rs 2.50 per SCMD (standard cubic meter per day) in the price of natural gas used by them. The decision has been taken to encourage increased usage of natural gas by small, medium and bigger industrial units in the state.

    “The announcement follows a suggestion by the Gujarat chief minister that industrial units be provided a relief in prices of natural gas to encourage pollution-free production in the state,” the government said in an official statement.

    As many as 8,910 industrial units in India consume natural gas as fuel. Of this, more than 50% or 4,903 are located in Gujarat.

    “By offering relief in the natural gas price, the state aims to make various goods available at cheaper rates to the people of the state. The relief will also make natural gas attractive to other industrial units which currently do not use natural gas,” the statement added.

    Stating that steps are being taken to reduce carbon emission in Gujarat, the state government further said that natural gas is not only sustainable but also cheaper, cleaner and safer than other fuels such as coal or diesel.

    Last week, the state government announced that more than 300 CNG stations would be set up across Gujarat over the next two years. These stations would be set up under the state’s ‘CNG Sahbhagi Yojana’.

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